Something In The Pines

Commission Information

contact me through
Email: [email protected] Discord: inthepines#8012 Instagram: @somethinginthepines

Commission Price Guide

-clean lineart
-flat color
-opt. rough visible
-no background
-complex designs are an extra $5
-clean lineart w/ colors
-basic shading & lighting
-no background, but props are fine
-2 free props, extra cost $3-7 based on complexity
-extra characters cost $10
Basic Render
-clean lineart
-complicated shading & lighting
-simple background included (opt.)
-extra cost depends on complexity of background
-extra characters cost $15
Detailed Render
-complex shading & lighting
-background included (opt.)
-extra characters cost $20

These prices are just estimates, especially for the renders. Complex designs in the subject(s) or very detailed and/or difficult backgrounds will increase the price

Terms & Conditions (WIP)

Artist-I can post and print the commissioned art anywhere
-I cannot sell a piece commissioned by you without explicit consent
Buyer-You can post and print your commissioned art anywhere
-You cannot sell my work without explicit consent
-You are allowed to print and distribute art as long as you are not making a monetary profit from my work
-For commissions where the buyer is not the recipient (gift commissions), the conditions apply to the final owner of the piece

Will/Will Not Draw

Will-most animals
-outdoor landscapes
-blood/minor gore
-cartoony styles
-semi-realistic styles*

Will Not-humans or very human-like humanoids
-intense gore
-pornography or very sexually suggestive art

If what you have in mind is not listed, just ask! If I will not/ cannot draw it I will tell you.*By styles I mean my own, I will not directly copy a single style unless it's a genre of style (ex: a style based on heraldry art would be okay for me, but copying the style of a specific artist would not.)

Payment & Process

PaymentI currently only accept money through PaypalFor commissions above sketch tier you must pay in full after the final sketch. For sketch commissions you must pay up frontPayment plans can be made for purchases $75+ however I need a 25% down payment. The total price must be payed before you receive the final full resolution piece.RefundsI do not offer refunds for completed commissions or sketch commissionsI will offer partial refunds on incomplete work, how much is refunded depends on my progress with the piece. The most I will refund is 80% (on works where I haven't finished the lineart stage)ProcessAfter you get into contact with me, I will ask for references of the subject(s) and also what you want in the drawing (pose, expression, ect.). For characters a reference sheet is ideal, but I can also work with very in depth descriptions of them. For pets I like to have multiple photos shot at different angles.Once I receive these I will give you a price estimate, if you accept I will start the concept stage.I will send you a couple concept sketches exploring your idea, and you will choose your favorite. You might ask for changes to the sketch or new sketches if none of them fit your vision. Once the sketch is ready to be lined, I will ask for payment. After I receive payment I will begin the next steps.I like to update buyers through every stage (lines, coloring, shading, rendering, final touches) to make sure you find the final product satisfying.The normal time frame for a commission to be completed is 1-2 weeks after payment. I will tell you if I believe I may not be able to complete it within the given time frame (usually due to illness or family matters) and we will work things out from there.